Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) in Malaysia

Starting from January 1st 2014, all properties disposed within three years or less is subjected to 30% RPGT. Properties that are disposed within four years of purchase are subjected to 20% tax and 15% for five years.

Property Disposal in :
2013 RPGT
2014 RPGT Onwards
1st year  15%  30%
2nd year  15%  30%
3rd year  10%  30%
4th year  10%  20%
5th year  10%  15%
6th year & above  0%  0%

The property tax is levied upon anyone selling their properties; however for individuals selling or disposing their property after the 5th year, no RPGT will be levied.

Companies however, will pay a flat rate of 5% starting on the 6th year and thereafter. While non-Malaysians will be levied with 30% of RPGT up to 5 years from the purchase of the property and flat rate of 5% for the preceeding years.

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